About Us

We are, Kimberly Hutson and Leslie Hutson Fulton, sisters and co-owners of Sisters Shoot Productions. We are South Carolina based traveling wedding videographers. We started our business in October of 2016 when we shot our first wedding. We knew that we wanted to make a career out of wedding videography when we enrolled in Media Production and Post Production courses at our local college several years ago but these sentiments were validated after we were given the opportunity to shoot and edit a wedding. It's an incredible honor to be a part of such a significant and special day while capturing the love between two people and their family and friends during this time of celebration that marks the end of one journey, the beginning of another. Our goal is to provide you with an attractive wedding video and memento that allows you to relive those fun and intimate moments that made your day unique, memorable, and special while also giving you the opportunity to share it with family and friends that could not attend. We believe that listening and collaborating with our client is the most important formula to creating a video our client will be pleased with so we ensure we are available for as much consultation as needed and/or desired.